As it has been mentioned earlier prepaid cell phone plans, which can also be referred to as pay-as-you go plan, are one of the most efficient ways to enjoy cellular service. With such a plan you only buy the minutes you need and avoid long contracts.

Using a prepaid cell phone is simple and similar to the way a long-distance calling card is used. Only this time a calling card, sms-card, comes with a mobile phone. Once you selected your service provider and purchased a phone from them you can put as much credit as you require to use as calling minutes. You phone operates until your balance runs out, at which point you need to recharge it to continue using the phone.

Prepaid Cell Phone Pros

Lower Price results from the fact that you pay only for the actual usage and not for the features that you might not need. So, a prepaid cellphone plan can be a money saver, especially if you are infrequent caller.

No Credit Check means that even in case when your credit score is low or you simply don’t want to go through the hassle of confirming it than pre paid cell phones present the better choice for you. Many carriers require you to submit and pass a credit check when you apply for lengthy service contract with them.

A great Choice of prepaid cellphones from big nationwide and small regional carriers guarantees that you will find the plan that suits your needs the best.

Pre-paid cell phone gives you Freedom to change the service provider or the phone itself like you wouldn’t be able to do it if tied by one- or two-year contract.

Prepaid phone provides you with more Control of the calling time also. It comes handy when you get a phone for someone else and don’t want to be faced with huge bill at the end of the month…

Compare Prepaid Cell Phone Plans from the UK Carriers