This post continues on the discussion of the tips (started here) that make a choice between prepaid phone plan and monthly one easier. Once you determined how much time you spend on the cell phone each month, it is good idea to check the following criteria:

Do you need local, regional, or national coverage

Most carriers include long distance and roaming usage into their highest-profile monthly phone plans, so if you primarily use your phone for local calls you can save money by sticking with prepaid plan because you don’t need this sort of coverage as you will not be using it anyway.

Choose a carrier that has roaming if you travel frequently

Unlike monthly plans that include this option, some pre paid cell phones might cost you a lot in roaming fees. If you live around big cities than roaming shouldn’t concern you because most carriers cover metropolitan areas well. Roaming might become a bigger issue in rural places. And, while most carriers allow you to call from the outside of the area, you could pay a hefty price for that. Therefore, be sure to confirm whether roaming charges apply to the plan you are going for.

Check the terms of a prepaid plan

Although more flexible than monthly plans some prepaid cell phone plans require minimum usage fees (monthly or daily), and pre paid minutes expire if not used by a certain time (could be a period from one month to one year). The cost of the minutes can be different depending on the time of the day and day of the week (usually prices for minutes off peak hours, morning and evening, are less than mid-day). Many plans let you roll over minutes to the next month by topping up your balance before the unused credit expires.

This post concludes the discussion of features you need might want to look at when choosing between prepaid phone plans and monthlty phone plans…

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